Buying through Pancakeswap started since 24th January, 2022, which was our IDO Start Date. Howevery, you can also buy with your VISA, Mastercard or Applepay from Tokpie (CEX)



1.   Install Trust Wallet from Play Store
2.   Get your Recovery Phrase and save it (Do not give to anyone)
3.   Add “Alliance Token (ALTO)” to your wallet by following the below steps:

How to Add ALTO To Wallet

1.   Click the Two arrows at the Top Right of your wallet home screen. This will take you to where you have many currencies.
2.  Scroll down and click Add Custom Token.
3.   In the next screen that appears, in front of Network, Choose *Smart Chain*
4.   Enter Alliance Token Contract Address with Binance Smart Chain (BSC):

Token Contract Address :

5.   This will automatically generate the Name, symbol and decimal automatically.
6.   If it doesn't auto generate the other fields, wait for it. It might be as a result of poor network from your end
7.   Click done at the Top Right once all fields are filled.
*With this, ALLIANCE Token will be added to your Wallet Home Screen.*

Now from the Trust Wallet home screen, Click the Newly added Alliance Token (ALTO) and Click Receive. This will display your Wallet Address. This is the address with which you can receive Alliance Token (ALTO). You can simply click Copy to get the address and send to someone in order to Receive ALTO.

How to Buy ALTO

Method 1:
Buy Through Pakcakswap using BNB, BUSD or WUSD


Method 2:
Buy with USDT or with your VISA, Mastercard or Applepay from Tokpie (CEX)